Caravan Levelling System Specialist in Dorset, Bournemouth & Southampton

I am an authorised agent for the UK made pitch perfect caravan and motorhome levelling system.
I can come to you to fit the system at your home ,storage yard or holiday site.
Please contact me for a complete package of supply and installation.

Here is a short description of the Pitch Perfect levelling system.


The Pitch Perfect is installed with the caravan pre-set to the required level position and then the Pitch Perfect sensors are calibrated to indicate level at this position. Level will then be accurately indicated every time the caravan is sited.

Incorrectly levelled caravans can cause problems with the water drainage and cause uncomfortable sleep. The caravan fridge must also be level to operate correctly.

Pitch Perfect has been designed to make the process of levelling a caravan much easier and simpler. The caravan can now be levelled by one person and without the need to check levels inside the caravan with a spirit level. Both the side to side and front to back level indicators are easily visible on the outside of the caravan.

Caravan indicator system

One screw adjustment

Caravan indicator system
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